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Our Sterling Multi Block kennel and run range is one for the serious dog owners. Suitable for breeders, working dog owners and pet owners alike.

Whether you are a dog breeder and need to house your bitches and dogs separately in one of our kennel blocks, or you have a large pack of dogs that can be boisterous when together, these are the outdoor kennel blocks for you. Let working dogs have their own space at the end of a tiring day out on the field, and keep your pets away from each other when your bitch is in season. Whatever you need there are many useful ways that these multi bay wooden kennel and run blocks can work for you, and you can customise your outdoor kennel block to include a storage shed or rear corridor if required. Why not add insulation and sliding hatches for dogs who live outside to provide a cosy and safe outdoor kennel block system.

Our multi bay wooden kennel blocks can also be lined with PVC and upgraded to have anti-bacterial wipe clean flooring, making a perfect breeding kennel. Add insulated and wipe clean side rooms for use as isolation and kitchen areas, along with a rear or front security corridor for safe access to each dog kennel sleep or dog run. Please contact us for more information on our bespoke dog breeding and whelping kennels.

We can provide our multiple wooden kennel and run blocks in a range of sizes and combinations, including four bay, five bay and upwards. Please get in touch if you require the kennel sleeping areas and run sections to be in different sizes as we are able to provide bespoke builds.

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