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A Guide to Working Dog Kennels

Whether you are new to purchasing kennels or are looking to upgrade what you currently have, we’re here to help. As specialists, this is what we do, making sure both you and your dogs feel comfortable, safe and secure. From dog kennel blocks for the whole gang to premium single dog cabins. our hand-built kennels are all made in the UK with a full focus on the detail. We’re always happy to help with any questions you may have, but first, let us try to answer them with this handy need-to-know guide. 

Do different kennel sizes suit different dogs?
Our multi-bay dog kennel blocks are ideal for a full pack. Whether you are looking for shelter for your Labradors, Vizslas or Springer Spaniels we can help you find and choose the right size for you (and them). The key is to allow the dogs as much space as possible, for their comfort and wellbeing, keeping you all happy. Our dog kennel blocks are available with dog runs, and we use galvanised 5cm gap bar dog run panels, which we have found, through experience, works best.

Whilst we offer a selection of our most popular kennel designs online and over the phone, tried and tested on the finest pups, we also do offer a full bespoke service. With this service, we can create a kennel with you from scratch or adapt our key designs for your dogs use. Simply tell us your wants and needs, we’ll find a way to match them, no problem!

As the kennels are designed for outdoors, how do they handle the weather?

With all our kennels we use A Grade Scandinavian Redwood, it’s sturdy, elegant and classic. We treat the wood with a TanalithE pressure treatment to combat the high temperatures of summer and the more frequent cold, rain showers of autumn and winter. This stops any rot or decay in its tracks, allowing for your kennel to last for much longer whatever the weather. We also offer insulation and wipe clean lining (for easy cleaning) to help keep the dogs warm in the coldest of winters, a very important addition if you are keeping them in the kennel overnight. 

How do you make your kennels?

We make all of our kennels with maintenance and longevity in mind, We’re different from other manufacturers as we use tongue and groove cladding for the entire structure. This interlocking joinery technique makes each kennel robust on both the walls and roof, no matter how extreme the weather. As an added bonus, we also provide aluminium anti-chew strips around the pop holes, these are fully free of charge, as we found without them it’s the dogs that actually cause the most damage! 

Some of our recent work

Last week Ross visited Scotland (where we do a lot of installations in the Autumn). Here’s a selection of pictures from our recent trip north of the border…

Double Dog Kennel Run, Kilmarnock.

The Alton Single Kennel, Kilmarnock.

This is the Apex Double Dog Kennel, Kilmarnock.

We hope this has helped give you a clearer idea of our dog kennels, please do get in touch with us if you have any more questions. We’re a small team and we promise absolutely no hard sell if you’re happy, then so are we!

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