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Dog Whelping Kennels – And Lots Of Them!

At the beginning of October, we travelled in convoy to Pencoed in Wales to build a total of 11 kennel units. Our customer came to us after being let down by another local company. We went through various ideas and builds and we also got in touch with her local council to discuss breed license requirements. After some thought, our customer decided to go ahead with our Swinton kennel blocks of which she had three triple units and one double. Our installation team managed the delivery in two trips in our 3.5 tonne van as well as a loaned 7.5 tonne truck. There were a lot of floors (if you follow us on Facebook you might remember the post about the many floors…), a lot of roof panels and so much felt! Considering how large the build was, the three lads got the build finished in two days. Well, apart from a final trip to deliver some new door fronts with sliding hatches that our customer requested at the last minute! We are thrilled to have been able to provide this kennel system to such a lovely customer who was over the moon with her new kennels!
…just perfect…absolutely love them!!  Many, many thanks for your help, been a pleasure to work with you all.

How to keep your dog secure

During the year of 2020, when we all spent more time than usual at home, we saw a huge increase in the need for puppies. The internet searches went up, and almost everyone and their neighbour seemed to acquire a new, furry housemate. Whilst this is great news, we couldn’t recommend man’s best friend enough, we also found a rise in a disturbing new trend, with people actually stealing pets! Reports were circulated about ‘dog-nappers’ as the demand for dogs and puppies in lockdown grew.  

With this in mind, we wanted to discuss the safety of your dog today. Without adding more gloomy news, as we enter lockdown 3.0, it is inevitable that we will see this continue. We think it’s best to stay aware to avoid this happening to you. Here’s our go-to guide on how you can look after your dogs and keep them safe from potential animal thieves at this time. 

Keep them tracked

It’s important that your dog is microchipped, that all the details are up to date and that your pup has a collar with an ID on it, this is in case they, unfortunately, get lost on a walk or have somehow escaped your home. It’s wise to think about what information you put on their collar, to combat clever thieves. We recommend stating that your pup is microchipped (to deter them) and to always use your surname. Never put your dog’s name as this prevents the potential thief from calling your dog over to them by their name. 

Regular checks

By checking in on your dog, you can ease your mind with random spot checks covering both their safety and welfare. That way you will notice if your dog or anything else is disturbed. Check the locks and doors for any evidence of tampering and also it’s important to check that your kennel locks and structure are in good condition. Consider the location of your kennel, if you have CCTV, make sure this covers your kennel and the space around it. If you have a new kennel, we highly recommend placing it at the back of your house, out of sight, in case you may be targeted. 

We also recommend investing in a floodlight or outdoor lighting to protect your kennel. This will be tracking movement and will alert both you and your dog when there’s an intruder in your garden. You can get cameras that sync up to your smartphone, for extra protection and vigilance when you leave the house. 

Train your dog

Here we’re talking about training up your pup firstly in recall. This means, if you notice they are missing, they will bark and aim to come back to you as soon as you call. A whistle is useful in these scenarios as its sound travels long distance, we sell Acme whistles alongside our kennels, an added extra to provide safety and training tools. Handy tip: when training, it is important to teach your dog that they cannot meet other people without your command. This helps safeguard in case the thief learns your dog’s name elsewhere, such as witnessing you both on a walk or social media perhaps.  

We hope these tips help point you in the right direction for the safety of your pup, keep your dog safe and if possible in sight. 

The benefits of an outdoor dog and kennel run for workings dogs

Providing both security for you and your dog, an outdoor kennel run is a smart idea for a host of reasons. 

Here at Garden and Animal Structures, we focus on the whole package, from your peace of mind and convenience to your dogs health, wellbeing and safety.  An outdoor kennel, with added run, can provide your pups with a safe and comfortable place to spend some time. Allowing them to enjoy the space, take in the fresh air and allowing you the freedom to live your busy life. 

A highly versatile addition to your kennel, we’ve highlighted the top reasons we believe an outdoor run is beneficial for all, below.  

First up, a well-structured kennel and run serve as a snug area for your dog to spend time, keeping both you and your pet safe. This works by separating your dog safe from any poisonous garden plants, animals or even potential dognappers!  Made from sturdy, safe materials our dog runs can also stop your dogs from burrowing or digging their way out. This offers peace of mind for you, to know they are safe, secure and not too cramped! 

Also, if your dogs are prone to unpredictable behaviour, a run added to your kennel can also serve as a place to protect you, for your safety. Plus if you are having little ones visit or friends who are allergic or dislike dogs, the kennel plus run can offer a spacious environment to keep your dog separate from your home. 

Separating pups
Depending on whether you are breeding or rescuing, a new pup needs training. An outside kennel and run help in the training process, from toilet training outside to avoid any chewing of your furniture. This is also useful if you have multiple dogs until your new pup is settled and familiar, an outdoor run offers the perfect spacer. 

Dog wellbeing
We know that dogs, like humans, need their alone time. An outdoor run offers them the space for this, a separate space just for them. Over time your animal will learn to associate their pen with comfort, warmth and security, as long as you use it for good and not for punishment. It’s known that if you leave your dog outside for too long, they may start showing negative behaviours and have negative associations with their run.  

Our runs and kennels are all enforced with the best materials available.  Our timber is tanalised which protects against rot, decay and insect attack as we believe in practicality and longevity.

On a final note, dog runs offer a practical option for post walks.  If you have a long haired breed or particularly energetic dog, the run offers a place to keep your dog outside while it shakes and dries off. You can even hose them off in there! Stopping any muddy paw prints inside!

The Advantages of outdoor kennels

Here at Garden and Animal structures we wholeheartedly believe that an outside kennel boasts an array of benefits, not just for your dog but also for yourself. From providing extra security when you pop to the shops, to helping with training. An outdoor kennel can offer more than you originally thought, and we’re here to tell you why. 

We’ve broken down the appeal of an outdoor kennel into five sections, however as specialists in this, we could talk about this for hours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any outdoor kennel related questions, there isn’t a question we won’t find an answer for! 

Let’s explore how an outdoor kennel could be right for you: 


A major factor when considering a kennel, if you leave your dog simply in your garden or yard when you leave the house we highly recommend investing in a kennel. The amount of stories we have heard of dogs squeezing through fence holes, digging out of the garden or even jumping the fences (there are no limits with the most athletic breeds). By leaving your dog in a kennel you are in fact providing extra security and peace of mind. A kennel can offer a safe, secure place where even the most adventurous of dogs can be comfortable. 


It’s a fact that kennels help with training your pups. It can be used to mark a clear ‘time out’ to manage bad behaviour and allow your dog to appreciate time alone. It’s key to establish boundaries, so that the kennel is seen as a place to relax and calm down, rather than a punishment, so they feel safe and content when they visit their kennel. This also useful for toilet training, as your dog becomes used to living in their kennel and being outside, they will naturally associate the outdoors with the toilet. 

Your dog’s welfare

Think of the kennel as a ‘safe space’ for your dog, Whilst they are notoriously friendly animals, sometimes your dog may need some alone time (particularly useful for older dogs and younger children). Creating this space is also beneficial for your interiors, particularly if your pet has a loveable yet frustrating habit of destroying furniture! In a way the kennel serves as a bedroom for your dog, and man’s best friend is similar to us humans in the fact that sometimes they too need to get away from it all. You personally know your dogs character, but trust us, many of the pups we meet show how grateful they are with their moods.

Manage separation anxiety

Think of the kennel as a way to manage any stress your pup may feel when alone. Usually, this manifests into chewing and scratching of your beloved items when they are left alone. It’s a classic case of toilet paper shredding turning into your sofa shredding! An outdoor kennel signifies individual safe space for your dog, calming the nerves and training them to relax on their own. 

Garden aesthetics 

If you like to keep a neat and tidy garden, a kennel is a great option for you. As every dog breed is territorial, giving them their own space in the garden avoids any stress and is generally welcomed by all dogs. This also avoids them dismantling your garden displays and digging up your shrubs. 

How to choose the right outdoor kennel?

We want to make sure both you and your dog feel comfortable, safe and secure. From dog kennel blocks for multiple dogs and specific breeding needs to premium single dog cabins. our hand-built kennels are all made in the UK with a full focus on the detail.

We’ll work with you to find the right kennel for your and your dog’s needs, after all, once you have selected the right design, you and your dog are in it for the long term. We’re a small team and we understand the importance of collaboration and guidance. 

When browsing our designs, keep in mind that all of our kennels are made with longevity in mind. We use tongue and groove cladding for the entire structure, making each kennel robust on both the walls and roof. For this, we use A Grade Scandinavian Redwood, it’s sturdy, elegant and classic, which also is designed to complement the greenery of your garden. To ensure the kennels are long-lived we treat the wood with a TanalithE pressure treatment, this stops any rot or decay in its tracks, allowing for your kennel to last for much longer and promotes less upkeep and damage. 

We believe investing in a kennel with Garden and Animal Structures is a smart option. 

Our Locally Manufactured Materials

As a family-run business, we are proud to support British manufacturing and small businesses similar to ours. When we found Garden and Animal Structures we set out to source local high-quality materials to provide our animal housing. Our dog kennels and aviaries are all built by us in our Stoke on Trent based workshop. We only work with the best quality materials, and luckily we found them right on our doorstep. 

Here we break down our materials, why we specifically chose to work with them and how they are beneficial in both a garden and animal structure. 


All of the timber we use in our garden and animal structures is machined and treated right here in the UK, we use tanalised timber, amongst others, which is anti-rot and protected against fungal decay. This offers high weatherproof quality, come rain or shine, allowing for less upkeep and lasting quality.  Our animal housing is designed and built by a qualified Joiner (Ross) who specialises in timber and other materials, which allows us to create any of our designs to fit your specifications and measurements of your garden, completely bespoke to you.  

Dog run panels 

We are proud to share that we are now using a local UK company to manufacture our dog run panels! Completely new for 2021, all of our 100% British made dog run panels are built to a higher specification than the European equivalent. This promises high quality, creating a heavier and stronger panel for you and your pups to safely enjoy. They have a thicker steel gauge and unique British galvanising that provides unique detailing you won’t find on other structures. Other plus points include 5cm spacing between bars that are 16mm diameter tubing with 1.5mm wall, providing space and safety, plus an ERW box section with 1mm thickness. They are also finished with a solid 16mm bar door hinge for longer lasting strength and ensuring against any unexpected escapes!

We spoke with many potential manufacturers and we can guarantee that our dog run panels are the best quality around, we are proud to work with the local team to provide secure dog run panels for you and man’s best friend.

Ironmongery & roofing

We only use UK based suppliers to provide all of our metal details, this ensures we have a close connection with the manufacturers so we can ensure high, crafted quality that surpasses UK standards. Together we work with them, with varying weather conditions in mind, ensuring your garden and animal structure is covered with strong roofing that will last the test of time.  

If you would like to discuss more on our materials, garden and animal structures please feel free to contact us here, we would be more than happy to walk you through our structures. We also offer a professional and efficient installation team with free nationwide delivery on our dog kennel and runs, aviaries and larger animal housing for mainland UK.