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Bird of prey aviaries to Finkley Down Farm

We were contacted by Two Bird Experiences to build some new housing for their birds of prey.  They were moving their birds to a new site and needed somewhere safe to tether the hawks and owls that they would show at Finkley Down Farm.
At first, they ordered our Double Langford Aviary and a Single Langford Aviary to provide three housing areas.  About one week before delivery (!) they asked (very politely) if we could possibly bring a second Double Langford Aviary with us.  So, a total of 5 housing areas – two doubles and one single.  Not wanting to let them down, Ross managed to get the additional build done and it was all loaded up ready for the one day installation.
We left Newcastle-under-Lyme at 5am and travelled down to Andover, arriving on site just after 9am.  We got straight to work unloading the van, luckily with a few extra pairs of hands from the Finkley team!  Once unloaded, Ross and I got started on the installation.  Four hours later, the three aviaries were up and finished.
We can’t wait to see the videos and photos of the birds in situ at Finkley Down Farm, and are keeping an eye on the socials for news!  You can too, follow Two Bird Experiences on Facebook or Instagram.
And as a personal recommendation, the farm is absolutely fantastic for a family day out so if you’re in the area I highly recommend you pay them a visit!
Bird Of Prey Aviary Install 1
Bird Of Prey Aviary Install 3
Bird Of Prey Aviary Install 4
IMG 2170
IMG 2172
IMG 2174

Kennel for Dogs Outside

The safety and security of your dog are important especially when they are stationed outside your home. A dog kennel that is large enough for them to stand up and turn around is a great investment if you want to keep the safe when no one is around to supervise them.

With a properly built kennel, you can establish a routine for your dogs and prevent accidents that might happen when you are away. It can also help them to easily adapt to different environments. As an owner, having a kennel for dogs outside will give you peace of mind when leaving your dogs at home knowing that they are safe and at home when you return.

If you want are looking to build a high-quality dog kennel that is suitable for your dog’s needs, contact Garden and Animal Structures. We are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high-quality kennels and other types of animals and garden structures.

Our team builds bespoke dog kennels using high-quality materials and a high standard of workmanship. Inform our team of our needs and we will provide you with the most suitable solution at cost-effective prices.

High-Quality Dog Kennel for Dogs Outside

With over 12 years of trade experience, Garden and Animal Structures is a company that you can rely on for your dog kennel and other animal structure needs. We are knowledgeable about different types and animals, their characteristics, and their needs and we are capable of building a structure that meets their requirements.

Our dog kennel and run products are guaranteed to provide safety and security to dogs. We have an extensive range of dog kennels available and we also accept bespoke requests from clients. Our installation team will install the kennel of your choice so you don’t have to do the installation on your own. Our team will leave your property with the kennel already erected and ready to use.

Besides dog kennels, our expertise also includes aviaries and bird housings of different sizes as well as garden structures. Just inform our team of your requirements and we will build the structure according to your requirements and preferences.

Get in touch with our team today and learn about our wide selection of dog kennels for dogs outside. You may call us on 01782 821103 or email for your enquiries and orders.

Bespoke bird of prey mews block with front corridor

Based on our Montrose aviary block, this bespoke build had four bays with a front mesh security corridor. The total size was 24ft x 11ft comprising of four 6ft x 9ft sections and a 2ft wide front corridor. Our customer lay paving slabs to the footprint of the structure so that he could add a gravel base to each aviary after the build. Bespoke bird of prey mewsBespoke bird of prey mewsBespoke bird of prey mewsBespoke bird of prey mewsBespoke bird of prey mewsBespoke bird of prey mews                                        

Custom designed kennel block and shed

At the end of June our install team travelled to High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire to install this bespoke 4 bay kennel block. The design was drawn up by our customer, and featured 4 sleeping areas, 4 separate runs and a middle storage shed.
    The kennels were to house our customer’s Clumber Spaniels
– who were known chewers.  So we recommended our Stokbord
lining to the exposed framework in the kennels and runs. The
Stokbord acts as a protective layer so that the dogs cannot chew
the timber underneath.  Additional upgrades also included ceilings to each sleeping area to create storage space above, wipe clean flooring, stable doors to kennel sleeps and sliding hatches.

Things You Should Consider When Building an Aviary

Unlike other types of birds that are small, easily subdued and can be housed in a regular aviary, falconry birds require an aviary that could meet their specialised needs.  

Since falconry aviaries are set up different, the following tips can help you build the most suitable for your falconry birds. 

Enclosed Area 

Instead of a full aviary, falconry birds are best when placed in an enclosed aviary that is built with non-transparent material. According to the International Association of Falconry or IAF, some very tame and calm birds can be kept in an aviary that is completely made of mesh wire. But for most raptors, the wire mesh must be shielded or covered by a shade cloth or protecting net to prevent damage to their beak and the primaries. 

The enclosed aviary should have a window where you can easily check on your birds. This window should also be covered by a mesh wire to ensure that they could not escape. 

Safety and Security 

Your falconry aviary should be built with the security and safety of your birds in mind. Even domestic cats and rats can endanger your birds so they should be kept away from them at all times. More attention should be given to small birds because they are the easiest and most vulnerable target or predators. 

When choosing a mesh material, make sure to check its quality and reliability. It should be capable of protecting birds against rodents and larger predators such as cats and foxes. 

A falconry aviary should be partially open to make way for sun and rain, but also partially closed to protect the birds from bad weather. 

Good Lighting 

The bird’s eyes are very sensitive to light and they have colour vision. Some owners have found that the use of coloured bulbs can help protect the vision of their falconry birds. 

Garden and Animal Structures 

Looking to build a bespoke aviary for your falconry birds? Get in touch with the expert team of builders at Garden and Animal Structures. We sell handmade-to-order wooden aviaries that are high-quality and meet the specific needs of clients. 

Contact us for enquiries.