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Dog Breeding

Breeding a litter of puppies can be very rewarding, but if you are new to dog breeding, you should remember that it can also be a costly and time consuming experience.

Novice breeder?

If you have little or no experience of breeding dogs then you probably do not consider that you are a dog “breeder”. However anyone who owns a female dog (bitch) and allows her to produce a litter of puppies is, by definition, a dog breeder and as such has responsibilities to the bitch, her puppies and indeed the new owners of any puppies that she produces. Even if you only ever breed one litter you will want to make every effort to ensure that the puppies that you breed have sound temperaments, are healthy, and are good and “typical” examples of the breed. You will also want to make sure that they go to suitable home and bring pleasure to their new owners for the whole of their life time.

Five Bay Dog Kennel Block With Side Room

An insulated and wipe-clean dog kennel block with insulated side room delivered to Cambridge.

We were contacted by J in Cambridge to build a five bay dog kennel block with runs.  J also wanted an insulated side room to use for whelping when her dogs had litters.


The side room had phenolic coated flooring and PVC
lined insulation. The room is an ideal space for adding whelping boxes.

The whole kennel structure had an Onduline roof which provides
extra protection from the elements.

    110% would recommend. They full filled my order exactly how I wanted it. Top quality and excellent service the guys done a great job putting it together to – Jenna
The dog kennel sleeping areas had PVC lined insulation and phenolic
coated, wipe-clean flooring to allow easy maintenance. The insulation
provides warmth in winter and also keeps the kennels cooler in summer.
To the outside of the sleeping areas, we added sliding hatches that can
be closed to keep the dogs either in the sleep or the dog run. We also
provided our popular dog whelping hatches which are free of charge
when ordered alongside our standard height hatches.

The dog runs featured our standard galvanised bar dog run panels.
The bars have 5cm gaps between, and are the preferred choice for many of our customers.

Triple Dog Kennel With Extended Runs

Three bay wooden dog kennel with extended dog runs having side bar windows

Our customer in North Wales got in touch to purchase a bespoke dog kennel with extended dog runs.  Basedon our Sandon triple kennel, the dog runs were extendedfrom 6ft 6in to 8ft.  We were also asked to clad the run ends and add small galvanised bar windows.

Insulated and wipe clean
kennel sleeps

The dog kennel sleeping areas had full height access doors, as well as a dog pop hole with aluminium anti-chew strips.  Our customer asked us to line the kennel sleeps with white PVC, which has 40mm insulation underneath.  We also added phenolic coated flooring for a wipe clean surface that is easy to clean.

Solid sides to dog runs

The wooden ends to the dog runs provide protection from weather, and also help to reduce noise from dogs barking.  A 4ft wide x 2ft tall bar panel was added for viewing and to allow ventilation and light into the runs.

The Kennel Design

After a brief chat on the phone, we put together some ideas for our customer to meet her requirements.  A floor-plan was made along with a rough plan of what the build would look like.

The Finished Kennel Build

What our customer said:

I am really pleased, thank you all for your excellent service and great communication throughout , I love my kennels ,  would  use you again and recommend you to anyone.

Large Single Dog Run With Extended Front Run

A custom sized single dog kennel and run with bespoke layout, delivered and fitted to Bristol.

Single Dog Kennel With Extended Front Run

This large single dog kennel and run was based on our Sandon kennel range.  The kennel had an apex roof which covered the kennel sleeping area and half of the dog run.  The dog run also extended out to the front providing ample space for our customer’s two dogs to play and stretch.

The kennel itself measured 8ft x 5ft and was upgraded to have wipe clean flooring and PVC lined insulation.  We added a sliding hatch to the dog pop hole as well as a see-through draught screen.  Our customer wanted to make sure that the kennel was as comfortable as possible for their new dogs, and we made sure that the kennel was safe and provided plenty of shelter from the elements.

The dog run measured 8ft by 10ft6 in total, having 4ft of it covered by the roof.  The open dog run allowed the dogs to have plenty of light for sunbathing, and the kennel overlooked our customer’s beautiful garden.  The dogs were very lucky to have so many external sights and sounds to keep them entertained during the day.

To complement the kennel, our customer also ordered two of our heavy duty raised sleeping benches.  Raised from the ground on plastic feet, the benches are kept away from sitting water and cold floor, providing a dry day bed for dog snoozes.

Finally, we finished the kennel with our Onduline roofing upgrade.  The corrugated bitumen is ideal for wooden buildings sitting under trees.  Felt can be damaged by leaves falling and rotting on the roof, so the Onduline helps to extend the lifespan of the dog kennel.

If you have a bespoke project in mind, please do get in touch.  We can help with ideas and are happy to talk through different designs with you.

Small Animal Housing Block

A five unit animal housing block with front mesh security corridor

Our customer from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire got in touch for a block of five units to house small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

They sent us a digital plan of what they wanted along with sizes.

Fronts of internal housing with
opening window, stable door
and sliding hatch.
Front security corridor,
left to right.
Front security corridor,
right to left.
Door open into housing are
a with PVC lined insulation and
wipe clean flooring.

“just wanted to say a massive thank you. Your guys turned up bang on time worked very hard and quickly and did a great job. Couldn’t be more pleased with the units. Thanks to the whole team for a great job” – Mike and Debbie

Internal Housing Area

Each internal area to have full height access door, small animal door with hatch and window.

Internal areas to be clad in tongue & groove board and fully insulated on walls and ceilings with PVC lining.

External Run and Walkway

External areas to be meshed in fox and vermin proof mesh.

Security corridor to be mesh with access doors at either end.

Block of five units

All units must fit onto our concrete slab which will be 15′ x 10′.

Each unit to have full height access door. Roof to be pent with run off from front to back with a felt roof.