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Bespoke Dog Kennel Block with Side Room and Storage Shed

A custom-made dog kennel block to include dog sleeping boxes, PVC lined insulation and glazed windows.  Click here to view our standard dog kennels for sale.

Dog Kennel Design

After an initial consultation, we drew up plans with our customer to design a kennel block system to suit their requirements.  Firstly, they wanted three dog kennels with runs.  They also required two side sheds: one tongue and groove, the other wipe clean and insulated. Kennel floorplan.  

Dog Cabins

Rather than a full-height kennel, our customer requested our cabin-style sleeping boxes.  Having a wipe-clean lid and being removable for easy cleaning, the top of the sleeping box also provides a raised bed for the dogs to jump up to during the day.  We added aluminium anti-chew strips to the pop holes (dog’s entrance to the sleeping box).  The anti-chew strips prevent damage from the dog and also extend the life of the kennel.  Furthermore, we don’t use any handles or similar on the lids.  This means that there is nothing for the dog to catch on when jumping up or down. The dog kennel sleeping boxes had PVC lined insulation, wipe clean flooring and side-sliding hatches.

Kennel Dog Runs

For the dog runs, we used 5cm gap bar galvanised dog run panels.  The bars let the dogs see each other while being kennelled, and they allow plenty of fresh air to circulate throughout the dog runs.  Furthermore, the bar dog run panels also prevent dogs from being able to climb up, and the central support bar provides extra strength in the panel.  

Kennel Side Room

To the right of the kennel, we added a fully insulated and wipe clean side room.  Running the full depth of the kennel and run, it measured 5ft wide by 10ft 6 inches deep and provided over 50 square foot of space.  We filled the internal walls with polystyrene board and then fixed white PVC sheets over the top.  In addition, the flooring was upgraded to have a phenolic coating which provides an anti-bacterial and wipeable floor.  We also added two side windows which were glazed with 4mm thick toughened glass.

Side storage shed

To the opposite end of the kennel block was an additional storage shed.  Having a fully clad roof, walls and floor, the shed offers additional storage space for dog feed, leads or garden equipment.  This shed also had two glazed windows where we again added the 4mm toughened glass.   The entire structure was finished off with our Onduline roofing upgrade.  The corrugated bitumen has a longer lifespan than felt and is the perfect addition for kennels situated in windy or open locations.  The kennel was based on our Sterling Multi-Bay Dog Kennel Block.


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