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Bespoke Rabbit Enclosure with Run

I am so excited to share this one! A lovely garden bunny house with plenty of space for hopping and exploring! Our customer got in touch and asked us to build our Charlton single dog kennel for her rabbits – with a few tweaks, of course. The 5cm bar run panels were swapped for a double layer of welded wire mesh which was better suited for the rabbits. She also asked for the 16 gauge wire which is rodent proof.

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Our customer had a couple of ideas already for the enclosure, and sent over some images of a ramp and high shelf that she wanted. We were able to create this, along with a safety barrier and drop down hatch for easy cleaning. The internal housing area was lined with white PVC sheets that had polystyrene insulation underneath. The standard wooden clad floor was also upgraded to our phenolic coated wipe clean flooring. A sliding hatch was added to the pop hole so that the bunnies could be locked up safely at night. Finally, a mesh window was put into the front of the internal housing area along with a drop down shutter. This allowed our customer to quickly view the rabbits inside, as well as allowing extra ventilation as required. The shutter and the sliding hatch meant that the housing could be completely enclosed at night.

Customer Review
 I wanted to say a big thank you for the rabbit enclosure. Your service has been second to none, & the quality is amazing. Please can you say a special thank you to the lads for the long drive & their hard work constructing it.