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We are one of the only UK dog kennel manufacturers to use 100% British made dog run panels.

We are proud to be British.  Our core values as a company are to support British manufacturing and support local businesses.

Our dog run panels are made right here in Stoke on Trent, and they are galvanised in the West Midlands.


Our 100% British made dog run panels are built to a higher specification than the European equivalent, creating a heavier and stronger panel. 


  • 5cm spacing between bars that are:
  • 16mm diameter tubing with 1.5mm wall
  • ERW box section with 1mm thickness
  • Solid 16mm bar door hinge for longer lasting strength
  • British galvanising that has a higher quality finish
Dog kennel and run block with UK British made galvanised dog run panels
garden and animal structures made in britain

Galvanised Bars for Bird of Prey Aviaries

We have also designed a bar panel to use on our popular bird of prey housing.  Made from the same materials as our dog run panels, our new aviary bar panels can be used instead of mesh on windows and doors.

The bars have 5cm gaps between, and are a safer and stronger alternative to mesh.  You can choose between a large 4ft wide by 2ft tall window or a 2ft square viewing window.

Bespoke bird of prey aviary with bars

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Bird Aviaries & Falcon Housing

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