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Custom designed kennel block and shed

At the end of June our install team travelled to High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire to install this bespoke 4 bay kennel block. The design was drawn up by our customer, and featured 4 sleeping areas, 4 separate runs and a middle storage shed.
    The kennels were to house our customer’s Clumber Spaniels
– who were known chewers.  So we recommended our Stokbord
lining to the exposed framework in the kennels and runs. The
Stokbord acts as a protective layer so that the dogs cannot chew
the timber underneath.  Additional upgrades also included ceilings to each sleeping area to create storage space above, wipe clean flooring, stable doors to kennel sleeps and sliding hatches.

Bespoke Marmoset Enclosure

We were very excited when we were asked to build a bespoke Marmoset enclosure in December last year. Our customer told us that he’d owned the tiny monkeys when he was younger and he had decided to have some more again. He had his own ideas about modifying our Leighton aviary to make it suitable and we were only happy to oblige. The structure measured 10ft6in x 6ft in total and comprised of an enclosed housing/security entrance and a mesh run. The housing section was insulated with wipe clean walls and floor, and had a sliding hatch over the hole to the run. The run had 14 gauge 25mm x 25mm mesh on the inside, as well as a second outer layer of 6mm x 6mm rodent mesh. The opening from the housing to the run had a shelf on either side, and an opening hatch with internal feeding shelf was added to the run section. I gave the condition to our customer that I expect photos of the monkeys in their new home once settled in! Bespoke Marmoset Enclosure Bespoke Marmoset Enclosure
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IMG 3050
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7 Bay Dog Kennel Block

Sara and Mark from Amfides K9 originally came to us back in 2019 for two of our smaller wooden dog cabins. Being owners of German Shepherds, they needed a robust and quality dog cabin that could withstand the needle sharp teeth of chewing puppies as well as the strong jaws of the grown up dogs! After being impressed with the cabins, they got back in touch early this year to order their new kennel block.

Amfides has a large pack so they asked for a seven bay dog kennel block with separate runs. Each run had a ¾ mix solid dividing panel which prevents dogs from seeing each other. The kennels were built in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Anglesey and we were blessed to have sunshine for the build!

Our install team were also treated to some snuggles while on site – from Kelpie pups, big grown-up German Shepherds and the gorgeous (yet slightly random) sausage dog!

You can follow Amfides K9 on Facebook and Instagram.

Kennel Build Day 1 Ross Sausage Dog
Kennel Build Day 2 Roof Fields
Kennel Build Day 2 Roof

Dog Whelping Kennels – And Lots Of Them!

At the beginning of October, we travelled in convoy to Pencoed in Wales to build a total of 11 kennel units. Our customer came to us after being let down by another local company. We went through various ideas and builds and we also got in touch with her local council to discuss breed license requirements. After some thought, our customer decided to go ahead with our Swinton kennel blocks of which she had three triple units and one double. Our installation team managed the delivery in two trips in our 3.5 tonne van as well as a loaned 7.5 tonne truck. There were a lot of floors (if you follow us on Facebook you might remember the post about the many floors…), a lot of roof panels and so much felt! Considering how large the build was, the three lads got the build finished in two days. Well, apart from a final trip to deliver some new door fronts with sliding hatches that our customer requested at the last minute! We are thrilled to have been able to provide this kennel system to such a lovely customer who was over the moon with her new kennels!
…just perfect…absolutely love them!!  Many, many thanks for your help, been a pleasure to work with you all.

Custom built double aviary mews

It took a while from originally quoting for this job to eventually erecting on site – but we got there! We travelled to a country estate in Surrey to install this two bay falconry mews with central corridor. The building had bespoke sizes as well as front bar windows with drop down shutters. Inside the aviaries, the walls were lined with insulation and white PVC sheets to allow a stable temperature and wipe clevan walls. The flights had no flooring while the central security had a wipe clean floor and a double door entry system into the aviaries.


Insulation to the aviaries allow the inside temperature to stay more constant – it stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The polystyrene insulation board is then lined with white PVC sheets providing an easy clean surface that can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped over.

Our customer laid paving slabs on the footprint of the aviary building, digging out the ground in the flight area and back filling with gravel. This is a preferred choice for aviaries as any mess can be hosed down and the gravel can be replaced if needed. The central security entrance had a wipe clean floor – again allowing easy maintenance and providing a handy storage area for freezers, jesses & tethers and any other falconry essentials.

To the front of the mews, we added large bar windows. Bars can be considered safer for birds of prey, as they can sometimes try and fly through mesh and damage feathers in the process. Our bars are spaced 5cm between bars which makes them ideal for larger raptors. The windows also had a solid wooden shutter than can be closed from the outside – perfect for retaining heat at night and/or creating darkness for during moult.

The build was finished with our Onduline roofing upgrade, which is corrugated bitumen sheets. This option is ideal for larger buildings which are located in exposed areas.

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