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Kennel for Dogs Outside

The safety and security of your dog are important especially when they are stationed outside your home. A dog kennel that is large enough for them to stand up and turn around is a great investment if you want to keep the safe when no one is around to supervise them.

With a properly built kennel, you can establish a routine for your dogs and prevent accidents that might happen when you are away. It can also help them to easily adapt to different environments. As an owner, having a kennel for dogs outside will give you peace of mind when leaving your dogs at home knowing that they are safe and at home when you return.

If you want are looking to build a high-quality dog kennel that is suitable for your dog’s needs, contact Garden and Animal Structures. We are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high-quality kennels and other types of animals and garden structures.

Our team builds bespoke dog kennels using high-quality materials and a high standard of workmanship. Inform our team of our needs and we will provide you with the most suitable solution at cost-effective prices.

High-Quality Dog Kennel for Dogs Outside

With over 12 years of trade experience, Garden and Animal Structures is a company that you can rely on for your dog kennel and other animal structure needs. We are knowledgeable about different types and animals, their characteristics, and their needs and we are capable of building a structure that meets their requirements.

Our dog kennel and run products are guaranteed to provide safety and security to dogs. We have an extensive range of dog kennels available and we also accept bespoke requests from clients. Our installation team will install the kennel of your choice so you don’t have to do the installation on your own. Our team will leave your property with the kennel already erected and ready to use.

Besides dog kennels, our expertise also includes aviaries and bird housings of different sizes as well as garden structures. Just inform our team of your requirements and we will build the structure according to your requirements and preferences.

Get in touch with our team today and learn about our wide selection of dog kennels for dogs outside. You may call us on 01782 821103 or email for your enquiries and orders.

The benefits of an outdoor dog and kennel run for workings dogs

Providing both security for you and your dog, an outdoor kennel run is a smart idea for a host of reasons. 

Here at Garden and Animal Structures, we focus on the whole package, from your peace of mind and convenience to your dogs health, wellbeing and safety.  An outdoor kennel, with added run, can provide your pups with a safe and comfortable place to spend some time. Allowing them to enjoy the space, take in the fresh air and allowing you the freedom to live your busy life. 

A highly versatile addition to your kennel, we’ve highlighted the top reasons we believe an outdoor run is beneficial for all, below.  

First up, a well-structured kennel and run serve as a snug area for your dog to spend time, keeping both you and your pet safe. This works by separating your dog safe from any poisonous garden plants, animals or even potential dognappers!  Made from sturdy, safe materials our dog runs can also stop your dogs from burrowing or digging their way out. This offers peace of mind for you, to know they are safe, secure and not too cramped! 

Also, if your dogs are prone to unpredictable behaviour, a run added to your kennel can also serve as a place to protect you, for your safety. Plus if you are having little ones visit or friends who are allergic or dislike dogs, the kennel plus run can offer a spacious environment to keep your dog separate from your home. 

Separating pups
Depending on whether you are breeding or rescuing, a new pup needs training. An outside kennel and run help in the training process, from toilet training outside to avoid any chewing of your furniture. This is also useful if you have multiple dogs until your new pup is settled and familiar, an outdoor run offers the perfect spacer. 

Dog wellbeing
We know that dogs, like humans, need their alone time. An outdoor run offers them the space for this, a separate space just for them. Over time your animal will learn to associate their pen with comfort, warmth and security, as long as you use it for good and not for punishment. It’s known that if you leave your dog outside for too long, they may start showing negative behaviours and have negative associations with their run.  

Our runs and kennels are all enforced with the best materials available.  Our timber is tanalised which protects against rot, decay and insect attack as we believe in practicality and longevity.

On a final note, dog runs offer a practical option for post walks.  If you have a long haired breed or particularly energetic dog, the run offers a place to keep your dog outside while it shakes and dries off. You can even hose them off in there! Stopping any muddy paw prints inside!

7 Bay Dog Kennel Block

Sara and Mark from Amfides K9 originally came to us back in 2019 for two of our smaller wooden dog cabins. Being owners of German Shepherds, they needed a robust and quality dog cabin that could withstand the needle sharp teeth of chewing puppies as well as the strong jaws of the grown up dogs! After being impressed with the cabins, they got back in touch early this year to order their new kennel block.

Amfides has a large pack so they asked for a seven bay dog kennel block with separate runs. Each run had a ¾ mix solid dividing panel which prevents dogs from seeing each other. The kennels were built in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Anglesey and we were blessed to have sunshine for the build!

Our install team were also treated to some snuggles while on site – from Kelpie pups, big grown-up German Shepherds and the gorgeous (yet slightly random) sausage dog!

You can follow Amfides K9 on Facebook and Instagram.

Kennel Build Day 1 Ross Sausage Dog
Kennel Build Day 2 Roof Fields
Kennel Build Day 2 Roof

Triple Dog Kennel With Extended Runs

Three bay wooden dog kennel with extended dog runs having side bar windows

Our customer in North Wales got in touch to purchase a bespoke dog kennel with extended dog runs.  Basedon our Sandon triple kennel, the dog runs were extendedfrom 6ft 6in to 8ft.  We were also asked to clad the run ends and add small galvanised bar windows.

Insulated and wipe clean
kennel sleeps

The dog kennel sleeping areas had full height access doors, as well as a dog pop hole with aluminium anti-chew strips.  Our customer asked us to line the kennel sleeps with white PVC, which has 40mm insulation underneath.  We also added phenolic coated flooring for a wipe clean surface that is easy to clean.

Solid sides to dog runs

The wooden ends to the dog runs provide protection from weather, and also help to reduce noise from dogs barking.  A 4ft wide x 2ft tall bar panel was added for viewing and to allow ventilation and light into the runs.

The Kennel Design

After a brief chat on the phone, we put together some ideas for our customer to meet her requirements.  A floor-plan was made along with a rough plan of what the build would look like.

The Finished Kennel Build

What our customer said:

I am really pleased, thank you all for your excellent service and great communication throughout , I love my kennels ,  would  use you again and recommend you to anyone.

Dog Whelping Kennels – And Lots Of Them!

At the beginning of October, we travelled in convoy to Pencoed in Wales to build a total of 11 kennel units. Our customer came to us after being let down by another local company. We went through various ideas and builds and we also got in touch with her local council to discuss breed license requirements. After some thought, our customer decided to go ahead with our Swinton kennel blocks of which she had three triple units and one double. Our installation team managed the delivery in two trips in our 3.5 tonne van as well as a loaned 7.5 tonne truck. There were a lot of floors (if you follow us on Facebook you might remember the post about the many floors…), a lot of roof panels and so much felt! Considering how large the build was, the three lads got the build finished in two days. Well, apart from a final trip to deliver some new door fronts with sliding hatches that our customer requested at the last minute! We are thrilled to have been able to provide this kennel system to such a lovely customer who was over the moon with her new kennels!
…just perfect…absolutely love them!!  Many, many thanks for your help, been a pleasure to work with you all.