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Custom Built Aviary

We are getting a heavier portfolio of bespoke aviaries that have housed a range of birds to include raptors, chickens and even monkeys!

This particular job started with an initial enquiry through our online Aviary contact form where our customer gave us a brief description of what she needed. We were told that the bird was being kept in the house (in a room of it’s own, of course) much to the dismay of her husband, so I quickly set to work sketching out some ideas for her new aviary.

After a few emails back and forth, we agreed on a final design.  A deposit was paid which secured an installation date, and we set about ordering materials.

Our aviaries can be built with various galvanised wire mesh types; this one was made using 13mm x 25mm 19g.  The aviary had insulation and PVC lining to the back and side walls to allow easier maintenance, and there was an additional mesh viewing box with a wipe clean floor.  We also added a shelf and feed hatch which was accessed from the internal security door.

The bird of prey aviary was hand made by us in our Stoke On Trent workshop using tanalised A Grade tongue & groove cladding and tanalised framework.  The images below show the underside of the fully wooden clad ceiling and floor – we never use cheaper alternatives such as chipboard.  The roof is finished with a toughened polyester course mineral felt that has a clever backing which seals itself down when warmed from the sun, and we use fascia boards and trims to finish of the build to a high standard.

We were very happy with the finished product, and I’m sure that our customer (and her husband) are happy to have an outdoor home for their bird!


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