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Custom built double aviary mews

It took a while from originally quoting for this job to eventually erecting on site – but we got there! We travelled to a country estate in Surrey to install this two bay falconry mews with central corridor. The building had bespoke sizes as well as front bar windows with drop down shutters. Inside the aviaries, the walls were lined with insulation and white PVC sheets to allow a stable temperature and wipe clean walls. The flights had no flooring while the central security had a wipe clean floor and a double door entry system into the aviaries.


Insulation to the aviaries allow the inside temperature to stay more constant – it stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The polystyrene insulation board is then lined with white PVC sheets providing an easy clean surface that can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped over.

Our customer laid paving slabs on the footprint of the aviary building, digging out the ground in the flight area and back filling with gravel. This is a preferred choice for aviaries as any mess can be hosed down and the gravel can be replaced if needed. The central security entrance had a wipe clean floor – again allowing easy maintenance and providing a handy storage area for freezers, jesses & tethers and any other falconry essentials.

To the front of the mews, we added large bar windows. Bars can be considered safer for birds of prey, as they can sometimes try and fly through mesh and damage feathers in the process. Our bars are spaced 5cm between bars which makes them ideal for larger raptors. The windows also had a solid wooden shutter than can be closed from the outside – perfect for retaining heat at night and/or creating darkness for during moult.

The build was finished with our Onduline roofing upgrade, which is corrugated bitumen sheets. This option is ideal for larger buildings which are located in exposed areas.

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