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How to keep your dog secure

During the year of 2020, when we all spent more time than usual at home, we saw a huge increase in the need for puppies. The internet searches went up, and almost everyone and their neighbour seemed to acquire a new, furry housemate. Whilst this is great news, we couldn’t recommend man’s best friend enough, we also found a rise in a disturbing new trend, with people actually stealing pets! Reports were circulated about ‘dog-nappers’ as the demand for dogs and puppies in lockdown grew.  

With this in mind, we wanted to discuss the safety of your dog today. Without adding more gloomy news, as we enter lockdown 3.0, it is inevitable that we will see this continue. We think it’s best to stay aware to avoid this happening to you. Here’s our go-to guide on how you can look after your dogs and keep them safe from potential animal thieves at this time. 

Keep them tracked

It’s important that your dog is microchipped, that all the details are up to date and that your pup has a collar with an ID on it, this is in case they, unfortunately, get lost on a walk or have somehow escaped your home. It’s wise to think about what information you put on their collar, to combat clever thieves. We recommend stating that your pup is microchipped (to deter them) and to always use your surname. Never put your dog’s name as this prevents the potential thief from calling your dog over to them by their name. 

Regular checks

By checking in on your dog, you can ease your mind with random spot checks covering both their safety and welfare. That way you will notice if your dog or anything else is disturbed. Check the locks and doors for any evidence of tampering and also it’s important to check that your kennel locks and structure are in good condition. Consider the location of your kennel, if you have CCTV, make sure this covers your kennel and the space around it. If you have a new kennel, we highly recommend placing it at the back of your house, out of sight, in case you may be targeted. 

We also recommend investing in a floodlight or outdoor lighting to protect your kennel. This will be tracking movement and will alert both you and your dog when there’s an intruder in your garden. You can get cameras that sync up to your smartphone, for extra protection and vigilance when you leave the house. 

Train your dog

Here we’re talking about training up your pup firstly in recall. This means, if you notice they are missing, they will bark and aim to come back to you as soon as you call. A whistle is useful in these scenarios as its sound travels long distance, we sell Acme whistles alongside our kennels, an added extra to provide safety and training tools. Handy tip: when training, it is important to teach your dog that they cannot meet other people without your command. This helps safeguard in case the thief learns your dog’s name elsewhere, such as witnessing you both on a walk or social media perhaps.  

We hope these tips help point you in the right direction for the safety of your pup, keep your dog safe and if possible in sight. 

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