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Multi Kennel Block Build – from Start to Finish


Why Buy A Multi Bay Dog Kennel Block From Garden and Animal Structures?

Quite often we are asked what makes our multi-block dog kennel and runs so special compared to our competitors.  We build our high quality, premium dog kennel and runs from our UK workshop which is based in Stoke-on-Trent.  The timber that we use is pressure treated with TanalithE, and we use a heavy-duty polyester based roofing felt.  The galvanised dog run panels have 5cm gap bars as standard, and we also include aluminium anti-chew strips around the kennel entrance at no extra charge.

Straight away, our kennels are set apart from competitors who may use cheaper alternatives.  But we also offer more, making our kennels value for money.

We cut the apex roof supports on an angle to give a neater finish, and we sand down any rough edges to ensure your dog’s safety.  We add a tongue and groove floor and false ceiling in each section of our multi kennel blocks – no cheap alternative materials such as chipboard are used.  The vast roof that sits over the entire kennel structure is again fully clad with tongue & groove providing a solid and impressive finish.  Our felt is polyester based and has a clever backing that seals itself down once warmed in the sun.  Therefore providing better protection against the weather.  We also install our multi-dog kennel blocks ourselves – our team offer a professional installation service which is efficient and reliable.

Most of all – our pride is in our friendly customer service.

Browse through the images below and you will see why our wooden multi-block kennel and runs are so popular.
The sleeping area floors and divides.
Kennel sleeping areas with fronts. Full height access door and dog pop hole.
The top of the dog sleeping areas with individual wooden clad ceilings.
The galvanised dog run panels fixed to the front of the sleeps and bolted together to create the dog runs.
Kennel sleeps with runs attached
Here are the roof apexes added on top of the dog run panels and the sleeping areas.
Four bay dog kennel and run ready for the roof.
Fully clad tongue and groove timber roof covering the entire kennel structure.
Side view of the kennel block with the roof.
Internal view of the roof. Notice the supports have been cut at angles for a neater finish.
Here is the wooden clad floor in the dog sleeping area.
Front of the sleeping area which was upgraded to include sliding hatches over the dog pop holes.
5cm gap galvanised dog run panels.

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