Multi Bay Kennels

Our high-quality multi-bay kennels are the perfect housing solution for working dogs, pets and breeders alike.  For more detailed information and photos throughout a kennel block build, visit our Multi Kennel Block post from our blog.  Our multi-bay dog kennel and run blocks have full height, floor to ceiling kennel divides along with individual ceilings to each kennel sleep.  Consequently, this reduces noise and retains heat.  Available in a variety of kennel bays, our kennel blocks are easy to extend or add extra bays at a later date.  Additionally, upgrade to our PVC lined insulation package.  Our anti-bacterial PVC clad and phenolic coated flooring provides an easy-clean kennel system.  Furthermore, our PVC lined insulation and wipe-clean flooring allow your kennel block to meet dog breeding regulations.  Our Sterling Multi-Bay Kennels are high quality and professional dog kennel systems – whatever your needs.

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