Raised Dog Sleeping Bench

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A raised platform to keep your dog off of the floor in the kennel or run.  Made from phenolic coated, 12mm plywood which is wipe-clean and anti-bacterial.  We add aluminium anti-chew strips around the edge to prevent chewing.  We also add polypropylene feet to the underside of the dog bed to stop direct contact between the timber and the floor.

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UK Delivery Only with Self-Assembly

We charge a fixed fee for delivery only on our wooden dog cabins, raised sleeping benches and kennel accessories.

Hand-built by us in our workshop from the same quality materials as our larger dog kennel and runs, we send your new dog cabin in flat-pack form.  Assembly instructions are included, and the cabin is easy to put together with screws.  You will receive your dog cabin in sections: roof, floor, sides, front and back, along with fixings.  The felt will be fixed to the roof section and we will also attach your anti-chew strips to the dog pop hole (kennel opening).  Fascia and corner beads will be cut to size ready to nail on once the dog cabin is assembled.

We build our sleeping benches in our workshop and then send them out via courier.  The sleeping bench will arrive fully assembled and ready to use straight away.

Our dog cabins, raised sleeping benches and other accessories that we build ourselves are currently built to order, so please allow around 5 working days for us to build and despatch your dog cabin.  Our courier will usually get it to you then within 3-5 working days.

Any other accessories that we have in-stock – such as our dog kennel bowl holders – will be despatched within 2 working days.  Again, our courier will then get it to you within 3-5 working days.


A raised dog sleeping bench provides a wipe-clean surface away from damp and cold flooring.

Many dog runs have a concrete or slab flooring which is cold and can sometimes hold rainwater.  Our raised dog sleeping bench is the perfect solution to provide a raised bed away from these less than ideal conditions, helping your dog to get comfy on a warmer and dryer surface.  We fix 12mm phenolic coated plywood to tanalised framework creating a raised dog bed away from damp and cold flooring.  Tanalised timber is anti-rot and protected from decay.  We also add polypropylene feet to the underside of the dog bed to stop direct contact between the timber and the floor. The phenolic coatings on the raised dog bed are anti-bacterial and easy clean.  Aluminium anti-chew strips are added around the edges of the dog bench to prevent your dog from chewing.  As a result, your dog bench will stay in good condition and last for years to come. Perfect to have in your dog run to keep your dog off of the cold floor.  Available in various sizes to suit your dog and to fit into your dog kennel or dog run.
  • phenolic coated 12mm plywood providing a durable, wipe-clean surface
  • anti-bacterial surface
  • aluminium anti-chew strips around edges
  • a perfect addition to our dog kennel and runs
View a video of our Raised Dog Sleeping Benches in our Hampton Double Kennel.  

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