Sandwell Aviary Block

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Used by pet owners, falconers and bird sanctuaries, our wooden and mesh traditional mews is perfect for housing raptors and birds of prey.  Available in units of 2 to 5 aviary bays, you can house your falcons and birds separately or together if they are happy to share.  Each free-loft section has a solid wooden divide so birds are separated and cannot see each other.   Please fill out our contact form for a custom design bespoke aviary.

This large outdoor wooden aviary is offered for sale with FREE delivery and professional installation to Mainland UK (excluding some North Scotland and South East England areas)

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Postcode Map Kennel Delivery Nov 20

Our dog kennel and runs, kennel blocks and aviaries & bird housing include free delivery and professional installation to mainland UK. We do, however, charge a delivery fee to the following postcodes:

+£120 to AL, BA, BS, CA, CB, CF, CM, CO, DG, DH, DL, EH, FK, G, GU, HP, IP, KA, KY, LU, ML, NE, NP, NR, RG, SA, SG, SL, SN, SP, SR, TA, TD, TS

+£250 to AB, BH, BN, BR, CR, CT, DA, DD, DT, E, EC, EN, EX, HA, IG, IV, KT, KW, ME, N, NW, PA, PH, PL, PO, RH, RM, SE, SM, SO, SS, SW, TN, TQ, TR, TW, UB, W, WC, WD

We take a lot of pride in our workmanship, and we want our products to be erected to high standards. So, instead of a curbside drop-off, we use our own installation team to provide a professional installation service. We will deliver and install your new dog kennel, kennel block or aviary on the same day, taking pride in our work and being proficient at all times.

Our requirements from you are minimal. We just need:

A clear and level base, ideally concrete or slab, that needs to be at least 1ft larger than the total size of your kennel and run or aviary. For example, and 8ft x 4ft kennel would need a 9ft x 5ft base.

Access and somewhere to park a Mercedes Sprinter long wheelbase van.

Clear access from our van to the building location – please note that we will bring all materials large and small on-site. Carrying through houses, garages or through alleyways with height restrictions may not be possible. Please discuss prior to ordering.

Each section measures 4ft wide x 5ft deep 2 Bay aviary block total size: 8ft wide x 5ft deep 3 Bay aviary block total size: 12ft wide x 5ft deep 4 Bay aviary block total size: 16ft x 5ft deep 5 Bay aviary block total size: 20ft x 5ft deep Measuring 6’2” high at the front and 5’8” high at the back. All doors 20″ wide x 58″ tall Bespoke sizes can be made on our aviaries to suit your requirements.

Wooden Aviary Upgrades

Customise your new wooden aviary with our premium quality upgrades

We have a range of additional upgrades to our bird aviaries and raptor housing. We have included as much information as possible to help you decide on the best configuration for your new aviary. Please do give us a call if you would like any help on what would be best for your requirements. We promise no hard sell – we want you to be happy with your new bird enclosure. We can offer ideas on what aviary upgrades would be best for you; we will also let you know if you don’t need it!

For example, if you have chosen one of our aviaries for sale with a security entrance, you could upgrade the outer door to be a stable door. A 50/50 stable door will provide extra ventilation and allow you to see the internal housing area without having to open the door fully. Our wipe clean floor upgrade is an excellent choice for a wooden aviary as it has an anti-bacterial surface, making cleaning easier for you. If you are having your new wooden bird enclosure located in your back garden, then you will find that our standard felt roof is ample in an area sheltered by other houses or trees. However, if you are lucky enough to be in a rural location and your birds of prey or small aviary birds are going to be housed in an open and unsheltered area, we would recommend the Onduline roof upgrade to provide extra protection against the harsher elements.



Phenolic coatings provide protection against moisture allowing easier maintenance and cleaning. The 12mm boarding is added to the housing area and provides a non-slip and durable surface.


Add an outer stable door to your aviary, providing extra ventilation without having to have the door fully open. *This is not recommended for aviaries without security door that will house un-tethered birds.


Corrugated, bitumen-based roof sheeting provides your aviary with extra protection against the elements and is ideal for exposed areas.


Wooden Bird Aviary Block

Mesh fronted aviary block for housing birds of prey

This pent multi-bay wooden aviary block is perfect for back gardens and bird sanctuaries alike.  Popular with Falconers, Breeders and Pet Owners alike. Our wooden aviary block is suitable for housing birds of prey and raptors to include owls, kestrels and hawks.  You can add perches and tethers for use as a traditional mews.  The aviaries do not have flooring, so you can add gravel or other base material that can be hosed out when required.  Each door is lower in height and open inwards for security.  Having 25mm x 25mm square mesh (1 inch x 1 inch) to the flight area.  Please get in touch if you require different sized mesh or gauge as we are able to use a variety of mesh types.  Opting for a smaller mesh would make this aviary block suitable for smaller birds such as budgies and finches.


We build all of our bird aviaries, garden buildings and bespoke animal housing from high quality, A-Grade Scandinavian Redwood.  The timber is pressure treated with TanalithE giving up to 10 years of protection against insect attack, rot and decay.  We use ex50mm x ex50mm framework (45mm finished) and 16.5mm x ex125mm (12mm thick finished) tongue and groove shiplap cladding on walls, floors and ceilings to create you a strong structure that will last.  Our tongue and groove has a 10mm rebate to allow expansion and movement in the boards – larger than the majority of our competitors. All products come with a polyester-based, heavy-duty felt roof which has a clever backing that will seal itself down once warmed in the sun.  Galvanised welded wire mesh is a stronger and more resilient material than basic wire netting, providing a stronger and more secure enclosure for your birds of prey.  We are able to get different sized mesh so please get in touch to discuss.

Your Aviary will have as standard:

      • Polyester based, heavy duty felt roof – Our felt has a clever backing that seals itself down when warmed in the sun. View image
      • Tongue and groove floor and roof – We promise to never use cheaper alternatives (such as chipboard) to make your bird aviary View image
      • 2x pad bolts per door – Can be locked with a padlock for added security View image
      • Galvanised welded square mesh – Strong and heavy duty 25mm x 25mm square mesh 
      • ex50mm x ex50mm tanalised framework (45mm finished) – tanalising provides protection from rot, insect attack and decay
      • ex16.5mm tanalised tongue and groove shiplap cladding (12mm thick finished) – we have a larger tongue and groove rebate than other aviary suppliers to allow space for timber expansion View image
View more information about the materials we use to build our products, including our dog kennels for sale. A level base and clear access is required for this product.

Sandon Triple Kennel & Run

A walk through of our triple apex kennel with individual dog sleeping areas and runs. Look out for the fully clad ceiling!


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