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New for 2020 – Polypropylene Feet On Kennels, Aviaries & Benches!

Polypropylene feet on all of our kennel floors, aviary panels and dog sleeping benches.

New for 2020! Our dog kennels will now be supplied with FREE polypropylene feet to the sleeping area floor. Our kennel flooring in the bedding area will have greater airflow underneath.  The plastic spacer will also prevent damp from sneaking up through the timber. Sometimes a concrete or slab base can hold rainwater, and these plastic feet will stop direct contact between the wood and the floor. The spacers will also be added to the underside of all of our aviary panels, and to the framework on our raised dog sleeping benches.

Dog Kennel Flooring

We have always designed the flooring in our dog kennels for sale to have space underneath for airflow.  However, the timber framework has always had direct contact with the base underneath.  If, for example, rainwater should settle on your base, it would eventually be absorbed by the flooring’s framework. Our solution to this is the plastic feet.  The spacers are fixed to the underside of the bed flooring, leaving a 20mm gap between the framework and the base.  Therefore reducing the risk of water and cold being soaked into the kennel floor.  The result is a longer lasting and more comfortable kennel for your dog.  

What About The Rest of the Kennel?

The dog kennel walls and sides sit on small pieces of framework- known as blocks.  They are spaced around the base of the kennel panels to stop the kennel sitting directly on the base.  The blocks allow space for airflow and for water to flow underneath, as well as keeping the timber away from direct contact with standing water.  We also recommend a water repellant be painted on to all of our kennels and animal housing to prevent water ingress and to prolong the lifespan of your dog kennel or aviary.

Custom Built Aviary

We are getting a heavier portfolio of bespoke aviaries that have housed a range of birds to include raptors, chickens and even monkeys!

This particular job started with an initial enquiry through our online Aviary contact form where our customer gave us a brief description of what she needed. We were told that the bird was being kept in the house (in a room of it’s own, of course) much to the dismay of her husband, so I quickly set to work sketching out some ideas for her new aviary.

After a few emails back and forth, we agreed on a final design.  A deposit was paid which secured an installation date, and we set about ordering materials.

Our aviaries can be built with various galvanised wire mesh types; this one was made using 13mm x 25mm 19g.  The aviary had insulation and PVC lining to the back and side walls to allow easier maintenance, and there was an additional mesh viewing box with a wipe clean floor.  We also added a shelf and feed hatch which was accessed from the internal security door.

The bird of prey aviary was hand made by us in our Stoke On Trent workshop using tanalised A Grade tongue & groove cladding and tanalised framework.  The images below show the underside of the fully wooden clad ceiling and floor – we never use cheaper alternatives such as chipboard.  The roof is finished with a toughened polyester course mineral felt that has a clever backing which seals itself down when warmed from the sun, and we use fascia boards and trims to finish of the build to a high standard.

We were very happy with the finished product, and I’m sure that our customer (and her husband) are happy to have an outdoor home for their bird!


Bird Aviary for Alex

We were contacted to build a custom aviary for a lovely boy called Alex.  Alex’s dad wanted a bespoke layout and sized enclosure to house Alex’s owl.  It needed to have an open-fronted nest box along with a mesh security entrance.

Alex has a type of bone cancer that he is receiving treatment for in America.  He has been through things that no child should ever have to worry about, however, he is inspiration for many.  Alex continues to enjoy life to the full, having a passion for the outdoors and nature.  He has a keen interest in animals of all kinds and our aviary is to house his pet owl.  Find out more about Alexander’s Journey.  You can also follow him on social media.

View the photos below of our aviary for Alex.  You can also browse our standard range of bird aviaries, falconry housing and aviary blocks on our aviaries for sale page.    

Flight Aviary to the Isle of Wight

We went on a road trip to the Isle of Wight to deliver and install our popular wooden flight aviary.

We were very excited to receive an order for the Isle of Wight as it is somewhere we had never been before!  Our customer was happy to pay the extra cost to cover our ferry crossing and, as well as that, he also added a second aviary to his order!  We got the Portsmouth-Fishbourne ferry crossing after a decent journey south.  The sun was out and we were surrounded by gorgeous scenery.  It was the first time we’d visited the island so we took in the views on our way!

Our van having a ride on the ferry! Our van having a ride on the ferry! Garden and animal structures This is us (wave) enjoying the sunshine on the ferry deck.

Visit our Montrose Aviary Flight Block product page to order yours today!  Have your own aviary ideas and design?  Fill out our Bespoke Aviaries and Bird Enclosure contact form with your requirements and we will get in touch.