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The Advantages of outdoor kennels

Here at Garden and Animal structures we wholeheartedly believe that an outside kennel boasts an array of benefits, not just for your dog but also for yourself. From providing extra security when you pop to the shops, to helping with training. An outdoor kennel can offer more than you originally thought, and we’re here to tell you why. 

We’ve broken down the appeal of an outdoor kennel into five sections, however as specialists in this, we could talk about this for hours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any outdoor kennel related questions, there isn’t a question we won’t find an answer for! 

Let’s explore how an outdoor kennel could be right for you: 


A major factor when considering a kennel, if you leave your dog simply in your garden or yard when you leave the house we highly recommend investing in a kennel. The amount of stories we have heard of dogs squeezing through fence holes, digging out of the garden or even jumping the fences (there are no limits with the most athletic breeds). By leaving your dog in a kennel you are in fact providing extra security and peace of mind. A kennel can offer a safe, secure place where even the most adventurous of dogs can be comfortable. 


It’s a fact that kennels help with training your pups. It can be used to mark a clear ‘time out’ to manage bad behaviour and allow your dog to appreciate time alone. It’s key to establish boundaries, so that the kennel is seen as a place to relax and calm down, rather than a punishment, so they feel safe and content when they visit their kennel. This also useful for toilet training, as your dog becomes used to living in their kennel and being outside, they will naturally associate the outdoors with the toilet. 

Your dog’s welfare

Think of the kennel as a ‘safe space’ for your dog, Whilst they are notoriously friendly animals, sometimes your dog may need some alone time (particularly useful for older dogs and younger children). Creating this space is also beneficial for your interiors, particularly if your pet has a loveable yet frustrating habit of destroying furniture! In a way the kennel serves as a bedroom for your dog, and man’s best friend is similar to us humans in the fact that sometimes they too need to get away from it all. You personally know your dogs character, but trust us, many of the pups we meet show how grateful they are with their moods.

Manage separation anxiety

Think of the kennel as a way to manage any stress your pup may feel when alone. Usually, this manifests into chewing and scratching of your beloved items when they are left alone. It’s a classic case of toilet paper shredding turning into your sofa shredding! An outdoor kennel signifies individual safe space for your dog, calming the nerves and training them to relax on their own. 

Garden aesthetics 

If you like to keep a neat and tidy garden, a kennel is a great option for you. As every dog breed is territorial, giving them their own space in the garden avoids any stress and is generally welcomed by all dogs. This also avoids them dismantling your garden displays and digging up your shrubs. 

How to choose the right outdoor kennel?

We want to make sure both you and your dog feel comfortable, safe and secure. From dog kennel blocks for multiple dogs and specific breeding needs to premium single dog cabins. our hand-built kennels are all made in the UK with a full focus on the detail.

We’ll work with you to find the right kennel for your and your dog’s needs, after all, once you have selected the right design, you and your dog are in it for the long term. We’re a small team and we understand the importance of collaboration and guidance. 

When browsing our designs, keep in mind that all of our kennels are made with longevity in mind. We use tongue and groove cladding for the entire structure, making each kennel robust on both the walls and roof. For this, we use A Grade Scandinavian Redwood, it’s sturdy, elegant and classic, which also is designed to complement the greenery of your garden. To ensure the kennels are long-lived we treat the wood with a TanalithE pressure treatment, this stops any rot or decay in its tracks, allowing for your kennel to last for much longer and promotes less upkeep and damage. 

We believe investing in a kennel with Garden and Animal Structures is a smart option. 

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