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The benefits of an outdoor dog and kennel run for workings dogs

Providing both security for you and your dog, an outdoor kennel run is a smart idea for a host of reasons. 

Here at Garden and Animal Structures, we focus on the whole package, from your peace of mind and convenience to your dogs health, wellbeing and safety.  An outdoor kennel, with added run, can provide your pups with a safe and comfortable place to spend some time. Allowing them to enjoy the space, take in the fresh air and allowing you the freedom to live your busy life. 

A highly versatile addition to your kennel, we’ve highlighted the top reasons we believe an outdoor run is beneficial for all, below.  

First up, a well-structured kennel and run serve as a snug area for your dog to spend time, keeping both you and your pet safe. This works by separating your dog safe from any poisonous garden plants, animals or even potential dognappers!  Made from sturdy, safe materials our dog runs can also stop your dogs from burrowing or digging their way out. This offers peace of mind for you, to know they are safe, secure and not too cramped! 

Also, if your dogs are prone to unpredictable behaviour, a run added to your kennel can also serve as a place to protect you, for your safety. Plus if you are having little ones visit or friends who are allergic or dislike dogs, the kennel plus run can offer a spacious environment to keep your dog separate from your home. 

Separating pups
Depending on whether you are breeding or rescuing, a new pup needs training. An outside kennel and run help in the training process, from toilet training outside to avoid any chewing of your furniture. This is also useful if you have multiple dogs until your new pup is settled and familiar, an outdoor run offers the perfect spacer. 

Dog wellbeing
We know that dogs, like humans, need their alone time. An outdoor run offers them the space for this, a separate space just for them. Over time your animal will learn to associate their pen with comfort, warmth and security, as long as you use it for good and not for punishment. It’s known that if you leave your dog outside for too long, they may start showing negative behaviours and have negative associations with their run.  

Our runs and kennels are all enforced with the best materials available.  Our timber is tanalised which protects against rot, decay and insect attack as we believe in practicality and longevity.

On a final note, dog runs offer a practical option for post walks.  If you have a long haired breed or particularly energetic dog, the run offers a place to keep your dog outside while it shakes and dries off. You can even hose them off in there! Stopping any muddy paw prints inside!

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