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Falconry Mews With Shutters

Wooden falconry mews to house birds of prey having drop down shutters over window with galvanised bars

A two bay falconry mews delivered and installed to Guildford, having galvanised bars and closing window shutters. Based on our Sandwell Aviary Block, we swapped the mesh windows for galvanised bars.  It is sometimes an issue that some birds of prey can damage their feathers when mesh is used in an enclosure.  Therefore, our customer requested 5cm gap bars be used instead to create a strong and safe housing unit.  We also added drop-down, closing shutters which provide darkness and temperature control if required.

Our customer had a tight space to fit the mews, so we built it to his specification.  He also requested a freezer shed to keep his raptor meals outside.  The shed had double doors and a pent roof to match the aviary block.

We build our aviaries and raptor housing without a floor, therefore any preferred base material can be used and hosed out when required.  This style of mews housing is ideal for adding perches and tethers.

You can now buy our Chapel Falconry Mews With Shutters through our website!

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