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Large Single Dog Run With Extended Front Run

A custom sized single dog kennel and run with bespoke layout, delivered and fitted to Bristol.

Single Dog Kennel With Extended Front Run

This large single dog kennel and run was based on our Sandon kennel range.  The kennel had an apex roof which covered the kennel sleeping area and half of the dog run.  The dog run also extended out to the front providing ample space for our customer’s two dogs to play and stretch.

The kennel itself measured 8ft x 5ft and was upgraded to have wipe clean flooring and PVC lined insulation.  We added a sliding hatch to the dog pop hole as well as a see-through draught screen.  Our customer wanted to make sure that the kennel was as comfortable as possible for their new dogs, and we made sure that the kennel was safe and provided plenty of shelter from the elements.

The dog run measured 8ft by 10ft6 in total, having 4ft of it covered by the roof.  The open dog run allowed the dogs to have plenty of light for sunbathing, and the kennel overlooked our customer’s beautiful garden.  The dogs were very lucky to have so many external sights and sounds to keep them entertained during the day.

To complement the kennel, our customer also ordered two of our heavy duty raised sleeping benches.  Raised from the ground on plastic feet, the benches are kept away from sitting water and cold floor, providing a dry day bed for dog snoozes.

Finally, we finished the kennel with our Onduline roofing upgrade.  The corrugated bitumen is ideal for wooden buildings sitting under trees.  Felt can be damaged by leaves falling and rotting on the roof, so the Onduline helps to extend the lifespan of the dog kennel.

If you have a bespoke project in mind, please do get in touch.  We can help with ideas and are happy to talk through different designs with you.

Custom Built Dog Kennel, Run and Shed

Dog kennel with a large side dog run and storage shed

Our customer sent in a floorplan of a bespoke kennel layout based on our Sandon Double Kennel.  She wanted rear kennel sleeping area and large side dog run as well as a combined storage shed.  We insulated the dog kennel and lined with white PVC, and our customer also upgraded the flooring to be wipe clean.  The PVC lining and phenolic coated flooring is easy to clean and disinfect, therefore providing an anti-bacterial surface.  The kennel had access to the large dog run which had a total area of over 52 square feet.  The storage shed replaced what would normally have been the second dog run.  We built the shed from tanalised tongue and groove cladding and made sure that the door didn’t catch on a low wall in the garden.

Dog Kennel Upgrades

As well as lining the kennel with PVC insulation, we also added a wipe clean shelf.  The raised platform provided extra space for a second dog bed, and our customer sent in a photo of her dogs enjoying their bunk beds!


Dog Kennel and Run – Alton Single

Suitable for back gardens, our single dog kennel and run is ideal for providing an outdoor home for your pet.

Our Alton single dog kennel and run is perfect for housing your dog in the garden.  Leave the door open so that your dog can come in and out as he likes.  He can have free reign of your outside space or take shelter if needed.  Alternatively, keep your dog inside his outdoor kennel with the run door closed.  Enclosing your dog gives you peace of mind that he will be safe.  You can pop to the shops or go to work knowing that your dog can’t escape.

Our Alton single dog kennel and run is available in different sizes with varying sized runs and kennel sleeping areas.  You can find the best size and option to suit your dog depending on his breed and how long he will be housed in the kennel.  We recommend purchasing the largest kennel that you can fit in the space you have available and what meets your budget.  Your dog needs to have enough space to be able to turn around, stretch and toilet in the run.  Our general rule is the longer your dog will be in his kennel at one time, the more space he will need.

Feel free to give us a call for more details and advice – contact us here.

Dog kennel and run Dog kennel and run Dog kennel and run