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New for 2020 – Polypropylene Feet On Kennels, Aviaries & Benches!

Polypropylene feet on all of our kennel floors, aviary panels and dog sleeping benches.

New for 2020! Our dog kennels will now be supplied with FREE polypropylene feet to the sleeping area floor. Our kennel flooring in the bedding area will have greater airflow underneath.  The plastic spacer will also prevent damp from sneaking up through the timber. Sometimes a concrete or slab base can hold rainwater, and these plastic feet will stop direct contact between the wood and the floor. The spacers will also be added to the underside of all of our aviary panels, and to the framework on our raised dog sleeping benches.

Dog Kennel Flooring

We have always designed the flooring in our dog kennels for sale to have space underneath for airflow.  However, the timber framework has always had direct contact with the base underneath.  If, for example, rainwater should settle on your base, it would eventually be absorbed by the flooring’s framework. Our solution to this is the plastic feet.  The spacers are fixed to the underside of the bed flooring, leaving a 20mm gap between the framework and the base.  Therefore reducing the risk of water and cold being soaked into the kennel floor.  The result is a longer lasting and more comfortable kennel for your dog.  

What About The Rest of the Kennel?

The dog kennel walls and sides sit on small pieces of framework- known as blocks.  They are spaced around the base of the kennel panels to stop the kennel sitting directly on the base.  The blocks allow space for airflow and for water to flow underneath, as well as keeping the timber away from direct contact with standing water.  We also recommend a water repellant be painted on to all of our kennels and animal housing to prevent water ingress and to prolong the lifespan of your dog kennel or aviary.