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Triple Dog Kennel With Extended Runs

Three bay wooden dog kennel with extended dog runs having side bar windows

Our customer in North Wales got in touch to purchase a bespoke dog kennel with extended dog runs.  Based on our Sandon triple kennel, the dog runs were extended from 6ft 6in to 8ft.  We were also asked to clad the run ends and add small galvanised bar windows.

Solid sides to dog runs

The wooden ends to the dog runs provide protection from weather, and also help to reduce noise from dogs barking.  A 4ft wide x 2ft tall bar panel was added for viewing and to allow ventilation and light into the runs.

Insulated and wipe clean kennel sleeps

The dog kennel sleeping areas had full height access doors, as well as a dog pop hole with aluminium anti-chew strips.  Our customer asked us to line the kennel sleeps with white PVC, which has 40mm insulation underneath.  We also added phenolic coated flooring for a wipe clean surface that is easy to clean.

The Kennel Design

After a brief chat on the phone, we put together some ideas for our customer to meet her requirements.  A floor-plan was made along with a rough plan of what the build would look like.

The Finished Kennel Build

What our customer said:

I am really pleased, thank you all for your excellent service and great communication throughout , I love my kennels ,  would  use you again and recommend you to anyone.

Custom Triple Dog Kennel and Run With Sleeping Boxes

A Triple Dog Kennel with Sleeping Boxes, Side Shutters and Galvanised Dog Runs

This bespoke triple dog kennel was built based on two of our standard triple kennels.  Our Harrowby triple kennel has sleeping boxes with lift up lids, and our Lawrence wooden kennel with closing side-shutters.  Our customer got in touch asking for a mix between the two kennels, as well as opting for extended dog runs. The kennel measured 15ft wide by 14ft deep.  Comprising of 5ft x 4ft sleeping boxes and 5ft x 10ft dog runs.  We added a lift up lid to the sleeping boxes to make cleaning the kennel easier.  Our customer also requested side sliding hatches over the dog pop holes.

Benefits of Sleeping Boxes

A sleeping box, also known as dog pods or dog cabins, can be chosen for a number of reasons.  Specifically, there is less headspace for warm air to escape, therefore keeping the kennel warmer for longer.  Another reason is that the box lid provides a raised area for the dog to jump up to during the day.

Benefits of Side-Shutters

The side shutters help to close out any distractions to your dogs.  Additionally, they can help reduce barking noise if your kennel is located in your garden.  Owners of guard dogs and security dogs choose this kennel option as it can also help to keep your dog calm inside.