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Custom Built Dog Kennel, Run and Shed

Dog kennel with a large side dog run and storage shed

Our customer sent in a floorplan of a bespoke kennel layout based on our Sandon Double Kennel.  She wanted rear kennel sleeping area and large side dog run as well as a combined storage shed.  We insulated the dog kennel and lined with white PVC, and our customer also upgraded the flooring to be wipe clean.  The PVC lining and phenolic coated flooring is easy to clean and disinfect, therefore providing an anti-bacterial surface.  The kennel had access to the large dog run which had a total area of over 52 square feet.  The storage shed replaced what would normally have been the second dog run.  We built the shed from tanalised tongue and groove cladding and made sure that the door didn’t catch on a low wall in the garden.

Dog Kennel Upgrades

As well as lining the kennel with PVC insulation, we also added a wipe clean shelf.  The raised platform provided extra space for a second dog bed, and our customer sent in a photo of her dogs enjoying their bunk beds!


Dog Kennel and Run Upgrades

Our dog kennels for sale are also available with the optional upgrades listed below.  We have included as much information as possible to help you decide on the best configuration for your dog kennel, but please do give us a call if you would like any help on what would be best for your requirements.  We promise no hard sell – we want you to be happy with your new dog kennel and run.  We can offer ideas on what kennel upgrades would be best for you; we will also let you know if you don’t need it!

For example, if your dog is going to be housed in your new dog kennel for long periods of time or overnight, then we would recommend the insulation and sliding hatches.  If your dog is only going to be kept in a smaller garden kennel for a few hours whilst you are at work, then we would maybe recommend the wipe clean floor to help with maintenance if there are any accidents when you get home.  Onduline is a popular choice for exposed areas that suffer from the elements, whilst the stable door is a good idea for an occasional pet kennel and can give a less ‘locked away’ feel.

Custom Triple Dog Kennel and Run With Sleeping Boxes

A Triple Dog Kennel with Sleeping Boxes, Side Shutters and Galvanised Dog Runs

This bespoke triple dog kennel was built based on two of our standard triple kennels.  Our Harrowby triple kennel has sleeping boxes with lift up lids, and our Lawrence wooden kennel with closing side-shutters.  Our customer got in touch asking for a mix between the two kennels, as well as opting for extended dog runs. The kennel measured 15ft wide by 14ft deep.  Comprising of 5ft x 4ft sleeping boxes and 5ft x 10ft dog runs.  We added a lift up lid to the sleeping boxes to make cleaning the kennel easier.  Our customer also requested side sliding hatches over the dog pop holes.

Benefits of Sleeping Boxes

A sleeping box, also known as dog pods or dog cabins, can be chosen for a number of reasons.  Specifically, there is less headspace for warm air to escape, therefore keeping the kennel warmer for longer.  Another reason is that the box lid provides a raised area for the dog to jump up to during the day.

Benefits of Side-Shutters

The side shutters help to close out any distractions to your dogs.  Additionally, they can help reduce barking noise if your kennel is located in your garden.  Owners of guard dogs and security dogs choose this kennel option as it can also help to keep your dog calm inside.

Why buy from us?

Why Buy A Wooden Dog Kennel From Us?

We work hard and are proud to provide high-quality wooden dog kennel and runs to a large range of customers.  Our kennels have a strong reputation of being sturdy with a superior finish.  Here’s why.

High Grade Tongue & Groove Timber

We build all of our dog kennels and runs, garden buildings and bespoke animal housing from high quality, A-Grade Scandinavian Redwood.  The timber is pressure treated with TanalithE protecting against insect attack, rot and decay for many years.  Because of this, the tanalising process extends the life of your dog kennel and run.

We use ex50mm x ex50mm framework (45mm finished) and 16.5mm x ex125mm (12mm thick finished) tongue and groove shiplap cladding on walls, floors and ceilings to create you a strong structure that will last.  Our tongue and groove has a 10mm rebate to allow expansion and movement in the boards – larger than the majority of our competitors.  Therefore, allowing space for timber expansion which reduces the chance of popped boards.

wooden dog kennels tongue and groove tanalised timber Wooden dog kennel with tongue and groove roof

Premium Quality Roofing Felt

All products come with a polyester-based, heavy-duty felt roof which has a clever backing that will seal itself down once warmed in the sun.  The self-sealing felt gives our kennels extra protection against the elements.

Anti-Chew Strips Around Kennel Entrance

Our dog kennels include FREE anti-chew strips around pop holes.  The aluminium stips prevent your dog from chewing the kennel entrance, therefore increasing the life-span of your dog kennel.

Strong and heavy duty dog run panels from a leading UK supplier

Our dog kennels come with 5cm gap bar dog run panels as standard.  These dog run panels are galvanised, heavy-duty and are the preferred choice for many of our customers.  We are able to provide alternative dog run panels if required, including 8cm bars, mesh and 3/4 mix solid.  The dog run panels are also raised off the floor on feet to allow easy maintenance.  Please call us to discuss.

3/4 mix solid draught screen dog run panel with 5cm gap bars galvanised dog run panel 25mm mesh door

Dog Kennel & Runs

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How big does my new dog kennel and run need to be?

Our first response to this question is always “what space do you have available?” Whilst we always advocate having as large a kennel & run as possible, there is no point squeezing a larger sized double dog kennel into your modest back garden.  Here we have listed a few points on how to select the right sized wooden dog kennel.

How big is your dog?

It goes without saying that a larger dog will need more space.  Consider the room they will need to turn around inside the bed area and the run needs to have enough space for stretching and walking around.  A good way of knowing the sleep size is to measure a dog bed or crate that is already being used by your dog.  Or, while they are sleeping, measure the area that they are snuggled in.

How long will they be in the kennel for?

This is a very important point.  Some of our customers buy dog kennels to house their pet during the day for a few hours while they are at work; or have it as somewhere secure to put their visitor-phobic dog out of people’s way.  In these instances, a smaller sized kennel and run such as our Alton single dog kennel and run would be plenty.  Consider also that the door can be left open to the run if you have a secure garden that your dog will be safe in.  If, however, your kennel and run is going to be a permanent outdoor housing solution for your working dogs, we would recommend having a large kennel and run such as our kennel blocks to allow your dogs plenty of room.  The sleeping area doesn’t necessarily need to be bigger unless housing multiple dogs together as a smaller space will stay warmer during cold spells.

How many dogs are to be housed in your new dog kennel?

Dogs that get along can be housed in kennels together.  Dogs of a smaller breed would be fine in our standard sized kennel and runs, however if you wanted to house larger dogs together you would need to look at increasing the overall size of your kennel and run.  See our larger sandon single kennel and run. If you are interested in purchasing a new kennel and run for your family pet or working dogs, please browse through our selection of standard wooden dog kennel and runs.  We have a range of sizes and styles to suit all budgets, and we also offer a bespoke service on all of our animal housing if you can’t find exactly what you want.  You might also find our blog post about housing your dog in a kennel interesting.