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Custom Triple Dog Kennel and Run With Sleeping Boxes

A Triple Dog Kennel with Sleeping Boxes, Side Shutters and Galvanised Dog Runs

This bespoke triple dog kennel was built based on two of our standard triple kennels.  Our Harrowby triple kennel has sleeping boxes with lift up lids, and our Lawrence wooden kennel with closing side-shutters.  Our customer got in touch asking for a mix between the two kennels, as well as opting for extended dog runs. The kennel measured 15ft wide by 14ft deep.  Comprising of 5ft x 4ft sleeping boxes and 5ft x 10ft dog runs.  We added a lift up lid to the sleeping boxes to make cleaning the kennel easier.  Our customer also requested side sliding hatches over the dog pop holes.

Benefits of Sleeping Boxes

A sleeping box, also known as dog pods or dog cabins, can be chosen for a number of reasons.  Specifically, there is less headspace for warm air to escape, therefore keeping the kennel warmer for longer.  Another reason is that the box lid provides a raised area for the dog to jump up to during the day.

Benefits of Side-Shutters

The side shutters help to close out any distractions to your dogs.  Additionally, they can help reduce barking noise if your kennel is located in your garden.  Owners of guard dogs and security dogs choose this kennel option as it can also help to keep your dog calm inside.

Custom Built Aviary

We are getting a heavier portfolio of bespoke aviaries that have housed a range of birds to include raptors, chickens and even monkeys!

This particular job started with an initial enquiry through our online Aviary contact form where our customer gave us a brief description of what she needed. We were told that the bird was being kept in the house (in a room of it’s own, of course) much to the dismay of her husband, so I quickly set to work sketching out some ideas for her new aviary.

After a few emails back and forth, we agreed on a final design.  A deposit was paid which secured an installation date, and we set about ordering materials.

Our aviaries can be built with various galvanised wire mesh types; this one was made using 13mm x 25mm 19g.  The aviary had insulation and PVC lining to the back and side walls to allow easier maintenance, and there was an additional mesh viewing box with a wipe clean floor.  We also added a shelf and feed hatch which was accessed from the internal security door.

The bird of prey aviary was hand made by us in our Stoke On Trent workshop using tanalised A Grade tongue & groove cladding and tanalised framework.  The images below show the underside of the fully wooden clad ceiling and floor – we never use cheaper alternatives such as chipboard.  The roof is finished with a toughened polyester course mineral felt that has a clever backing which seals itself down when warmed from the sun, and we use fascia boards and trims to finish of the build to a high standard.

We were very happy with the finished product, and I’m sure that our customer (and her husband) are happy to have an outdoor home for their bird!


Bespoke Kennel Block in Wales

An old friend (by this I mean that we have known him for a while, not that he is actually old…) has bought a stunning country home in Wales and came to us to provide a bespoke kennel block-come-cattery for his three Alaskan Malamutes and the Mrs felines.  No word of a lie, the new house looks stunning and I would quite happily write a blog post about country living in Wales – but a dog kennel and cat run will have to do it today!

So here it is.  A four-bay kennel block with extended runs, additional storage room to house the cats and a rear corridor to access the dog pens.  Opting for galvanised dog run panels for the internal sleep areas instead of wooden clad walls, he also upgraded to the galvanised mesh dog run panels for the sleep divides.  The runs were extended to a total length of 13ft, and each sleeping compartment was 5ft x 5ft.  The vast wooden roof was extended over the structure, leaving the front half of the dog runs open.

An impressive build at 30ft x 23ft – I do wonder if maybe our friend is over-compensating???  😉

Bespoke four bay kennel block with rear corridor and storage room

Internal dog pens, rear corridor to kennel block Side storage room to kennel block

Custom built kennel block with storage room and rear corridor

A huge, imposing build that would otherwise completely take over in any landscape. Yet here it is, dwarfed in comparison to the lush Welsh surroundings.

Multi Kennel Block Build – from Start to Finish


Why Buy A Multi Bay Dog Kennel Block From Garden and Animal Structures?

Quite often we are asked what makes our multi-block dog kennel and runs so special compared to our competitors.  We build our high quality, premium dog kennel and runs from our UK workshop which is based in Stoke-on-Trent.  The timber that we use is pressure treated with TanalithE, and we use a heavy-duty polyester based roofing felt.  The galvanised dog run panels have 5cm gap bars as standard, and we also include aluminium anti-chew strips around the kennel entrance at no extra charge.

Straight away, our kennels are set apart from competitors who may use cheaper alternatives.  But we also offer more, making our kennels value for money.

We cut the apex roof supports on an angle to give a neater finish, and we sand down any rough edges to ensure your dog’s safety.  We add a tongue and groove floor and false ceiling in each section of our multi kennel blocks – no cheap alternative materials such as chipboard are used.  The vast roof that sits over the entire kennel structure is again fully clad with tongue & groove providing a solid and impressive finish.  Our felt is polyester based and has a clever backing that seals itself down once warmed in the sun.  Therefore providing better protection against the weather.  We also install our multi-dog kennel blocks ourselves – our team offer a professional installation service which is efficient and reliable.

Most of all – our pride is in our friendly customer service.

Browse through the images below and you will see why our wooden multi-block kennel and runs are so popular.
The sleeping area floors and divides.
Kennel sleeping areas with fronts. Full height access door and dog pop hole.
The top of the dog sleeping areas with individual wooden clad ceilings.
The galvanised dog run panels fixed to the front of the sleeps and bolted together to create the dog runs.
Kennel sleeps with runs attached
Here are the roof apexes added on top of the dog run panels and the sleeping areas.
Four bay dog kennel and run ready for the roof.
Fully clad tongue and groove timber roof covering the entire kennel structure.
Side view of the kennel block with the roof.
Internal view of the roof. Notice the supports have been cut at angles for a neater finish.
Here is the wooden clad floor in the dog sleeping area.
Front of the sleeping area which was upgraded to include sliding hatches over the dog pop holes.
5cm gap galvanised dog run panels.

Bespoke Single Kennel and Run

We provide an affordable custom building service on our entire range of dog kennels for sale.  Send us your requirements, sizes or a photo you have seen and we will work out a no obligation quotation.

We are very flexible and will try our very best to provide you with the perfect dog kennel – our only limitation is the dog run panels as they come from a supplier and are only available in certain sizes. Here is a bespoke dog kennel and run that we manufactured in our own UK workshop.  The kennel was based on our Double Hampton apex kennel design, but our client’s alterations included making it into a single kennel and run along with two doors opening into the dog run (for him to further customise himself at a later date).   The kennel and run measured in total 17ft x 6ft; the sleeping area was 6ft x 6ft and the large dog run measured 11ft x 6ft.   The kennel features:
  • FREE aluminium anti-chew strips around pop holeStops your dog from chewing the timber around the entrance to the sleeping area View image
  • Polyester based, heavy duty felt roofOur felt has a clever backing that seals itself down when warmed in the sun. View image
  • Tongue and groove floor and roofWe promise to never use cheaper alternatives (such as chipboard) to make your dog kennel View image
  • 2x pad bolts per doorCan be locked with a padlock for added security View image
  • 5cm gap galvanised dog run panelsStrong and heavy duty dog run panels from a leading UK supplier View image
  • ex50mm x ex50mm tanalised framework (45mm finished)tanalising provides protection from rot, insect attack and decay
  • ex16.5mm tanalised tongue and groove shiplap cladding (12mm thick finished)we have a larger tongue and groove than other kennel suppliers to allow space for timber expansion View image